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Situation: Australia has ridiculously high costs for Military and Law Enforcement equipment. 

Mission: As a veteran operated business, we want to bring Australia's Military, Law Enforcement personnel and Outdoor enthusiasts quality kit at an affordable price, and to help promote awareness for veterans and give back to the veteran community.

Execution: At Scorpion Projects we have sourced our shit from all over the globe. We have done considerable research into the market of the current trends and changes within the Defence and Law Enforcement communities. As such, we have tailored our pricing to suit and most of all, we have the ability to give it you at a cheaper price than most.  We are always updating our inventory as needed. 

To execute the awareness of PTSD, depression, homelessness etc for veterans, we have teamed up with organisations who specialise in these areas. We have offer coffee in partnership with Australian Warfighters, who give back to the veterans community every time a bag of coffee or cap is sold.

Atts and Dets: Australian Warfighters, Delta Echo Apparel, Premier Defence Agencies, Max Force Tactical, 3 Elements Coffee. All veteran owned Australian businesses.

Comms: Refer to our Contact Us page if you have any further questions, queries or doubtful points.

You like that? A bastardised SMEAC to you military folk. Thank you for the read and enjoy your time in the sun...Scorpion Projects OUT!

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