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Scorpion Projects: A Fast-Growing Army Shop in Canberra

If you’re looking for an army shop in Canberra that supplies all the gear you need regardless of what your next journey entails, your search ends here. We’re military-hardened veterans that know the ins and outs of the market, and we only stock the highest quality products from the far reaches of the globe.

Army Products by Scorpion Projects

When you buy army gear from us, you never need to worry about the following issues:

  • • Finding yourself outdoors without the right equipment: The last thing you want is to be outside overnight during a severe storm with a sleeping bag, tent, and jacket that fail to protect you against the elements and critters. Purchase products from us, and you’ll be ready for any situation regardless of the conditions.
  • • Paying over the odds for subpar gear: Some outlets charge astronomical prices for army jackets and sleeping bags that can’t withstand the rigours of storms. We scour the world for the latest and most advanced products available and make them available to you at highly competitive prices.

What Sets Scorpion Projects Apart Regarding Army Products

We’re a standout supplier of military-gear for reasons including:

  • We support our veterans: We have over a decade of experience in infantry battalions. When you buy our coffee, we donate to leading charities that help our veterans.
  • We offer competitive prices: We aim to supply the military, law enforcement personnel and outdoor enthusiasts with the highest quality stuff in the world at unbeatable prices. We continually upgrade our inventory to remain at the forefront of our industry.

What Customer Stands to Lose If They Don’t Use Scorpion Projects

If you want to support our veterans when purchasing the best army products Australia has to offer, you needn’t look any further than Scorpion Projects. Call us today for product recommendations and advice or browse our website to find high-value deals.