Military Shop Adelaide

Gear from Our Military Shop in Adelaide Suits Outdoor Activities

Scorpion Projects stock military gear, which offers weather protection, is lightweight and reliable for use in outdoor activities.

What You Can Expect from Scorpion Projects Regarding Their Military Shop in Adelaide

Our military shop offers a wide selection of military gear, on which our ex-military team are trained to advise you which items best suit your specific need.

  • Clothing, bags and sleep gear: Quality products for men, women and children at affordable prices.
  • Law enforcement: We cater to your law enforcement needs, from duty bags, flashlights, patrol bags and Pelican micro cases, we have it all - good quality, good price.
  • Medical: Such a vital component of outdoor and tactical life, the medic pouches, medical first responder packs and medic assault packs all ensure compact and sterile storage of emergency medical supplies.

What Sets Scorpion Projects Apart Regarding Military Gear

Our aim is to supply Australia’s law enforcement, military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts with quality, affordable products.

  • Community: Being veterans enables us to understand the effects of PTSD, so we team up with organisations which address these issues, to invest in the veteran community.
  • Suppliers: Although we source from suppliers globally, we strive to support Australian veteran-owned businesses first.

Supporting Australian veterans as much as we can, we bring you the best possible equipment at reasonable prices.

About Scorpion Projects

Australian veteran-owned and operated military shop for all your tactical and outdoor supplies at lower prices. Contact us for further details.