Military Watches Sydney

Our Military Watches in Sydney Provide More Than Other Watches

These military watches in Sydney are designed made to take you to the next level of your tactical abilities. At Scorpion Projects, we offer you the opportunity to invest in a watch that works as hard as you do. Our Casio tactical watches can not only tell you the time, but it can take a beating and still keep ticking

What You Can Expect from Our Military Watches in Sydney

The Casio tactical watches we have available come in a variety of models, and each one has its advantages. We are here to assist as much as we can when finding the ideal watch for the tough conditions. Here’s what you can expect from some of our military watches.
  • Robust: These watches were designed to be scratch and break resistant. They are sturdy timepieces that can handle most rough conditions. They will endure where others fail.
  • Waterproof: Military grade watches are engineered to be waterproof, ensuring that no water enters your watch while you swim or wade through rivers. Most regular watches are water resistant but military grade is the step above the rest.
  • Backlight: Some military watches come with a backlight feature—vital if you’re ever in a tight spot and can't access a torch, the backlight can be used as a handy secondary source of light.

Related Services We Provide to Casio Tactical Watches

We can provide much more than your average tactical store, our experience in the field coupled with our research has given us a keen insight into what gear works and which equipment best suits our customers. Here are related services we provide to Casio tactical watches.
  • Apart from our tough tactical watches, we have everything you need to make you as tough as your new watch. From boots to Leatherman and even navigation. If you need tactical that both protects and does the job, visit us, and we will get you tac-ready.
Contact us now to find out which of our military watches in Sydney are for you.