Survival Gloves

Find Premium Quality Work and Survival Gloves from Mechanix

Protect your hands with trustworthy, well-made survival gloves from Mechanix. In our experience, Mechanix produces some of the most reliable gloves on the market for military, police, and survival uses. Read below to learn why we have so much faith in this brand.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves

If you want to get the best results for your investment, follow this advice:
  • Browse the numerous styles of Mechanix Wear gloves in our inventory. Each glove was designed for a specific purpose, so the differences between them will undoubtedly have an impact on their effectiveness when you use them. Make sure you’re getting the right glove for the job.
  • Seek advice from our staff. We’re happy to help, especially when you aren’t sure which pair of tactical gloves are best suited to your purposes. Whether for survival or use on the shooting range, we can guide you based on our experience.
  • Keep an eye on the deals we offer. Occasionally, you may find Mechanix Wear tactical gloves or other gear listed on there. If you’re buying for future use, you should continually review our specials to get the best deal.

The Importance of Mechanix Wear in Perth

We are firm in our commitment to quality products at affordable prices. The following reasons are why we’re proud to stock Mechanix Wear:
  • High Quality – These gloves are built to last, whether you’re using them for wilderness camping, driving quads or motorcycles, or target shooting. Maintain freedom of motion for your fingers while ensuring you get protection from heat and friction.
  • Affordable Prices – Other brands may also make reliable gloves and other gear, but it’s rare to find the combination of quality with affordable prices. As veterans, we know there’s not always a lot of extra cash sitting around, so it’s refreshing to be economical without sacrificing quality.
  • Made for Tactical Purposes – We know the difference between gloves that were made to be pushed to the limit. Our military experience gave us the knowledge to tell when a product is worth wearing, and there are few brands we’re more comfortable with than Mechanix.

Why You Should Use Scorpion Projects

We’ve served Australia from both our physical store and online for the past three years. Our mission from the beginning has been to serve Australians who share our passion for military, police, and survival gear. We’ve been in your shoes, so we know what it’s like to seek quality gear and find either schlock or overpriced items (and frequently both at the same time).

When it comes to supporting other veterans in Perth and elsewhere, we don’t just talk a good game. We put our money into it by partnering with other organisations to raise funds that support veterans who suffer from PTSD, homelessness, and medical conditions. While we focus on providing that care, we don’t want you to buy from us solely for the causes we support. Instead, we want you to know that when you buy from Scorpion Projects, you’re getting high-quality gear that will support you in any use. Contact us for more information about our kits and to find the products best suited to your needs.