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Browse Our Inventory to Find Quality Tactical Gear in Brisbane

Scorpion Projects has a mission to ensure you’re never disappointed with the quality of tactical gear in Brisbane. Our team is passionate about locating the best suppliers of various tactical equipment and offering them at reasonable prices that our customers can afford.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Tactical Shop in Brisbane

Not everyone shops for tactical gear with decades of experience in the industry or in the field. These are some common mistakes that new customers tend to make:
  • Overpaying on a product, even if it’s quality material. As you shop and use the gear you buy, you will come across good, reliable brands from various suppliers. Unfortunately, those suppliers don’t always keep the prices as low as possible, so many people tend to overpay.
  • Buying a low-quality product after being told it was just as good as the reputable brands—which is something that nearly everyone gets burned by at some point, so there’s no shame if you once bought a pair of gloves, and they turned out to be defective and fell apart five minutes after you put them on.
  • Those who are unprepared also tend to purchase the wrong product at first. It happens to the best of us, but many times we don’t even realise the problem until someone with more experience points it out to us.
With our products and knowledgeable staff, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong type of gloves or finding a knockoff brand in your cart.

What You Can Expect from Scorpion Projects Regarding Tactical Equipment in Brisbane

We like to set the expectations straight from the beginning. When you buy from Scorpion Projects, here’s what you’ll get:
  • Trustworthy Brands – We don’t stock any products we wouldn’t use ourselves. For example, we know from personal experience that Mechanix Wear produces some of the best available tactical gloves in Brisbane, so we proudly feature them as a major brand in our inventory. So long as a supplier makes good, reliable products, we’ll continue to stock and put our seal of approval of them.
  • Affordable Prices – Even with the best products, it’s no good if you must sell your car, your house, and cash in your life savings to buy a pair of hiking shoes and a wilderness jacket. We keep our margins as slim as possible to keep the lights on, support veterans, pay our staff, and find new products for our customers without making you empty your retirement account.
  • Experienced Staff – Perhaps the biggest thing that sets us apart is the fact that everyone on our staff has genuine military experience. We know what it’s like to put everything on the line and take the risks necessary to protect our brothers and sisters in arms.

Why You Should Use Scorpion Projects

We listed the material benefits above, including quality, pricing, and the experienced staff who can help you find what you’re seeking. If you need further reasons to shop with us, you should look at our mission and learn about the groups we work with to support veterans who gave so much in service and need a little help in return. Contact us to learn more or get help with determining the right gear for your needs.