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We help you protect your hands with high-quality tactical gloves from trusted brands. Our army supply shop has a wide range of military gloves that give you the flexibility and protection you need when undergoing training or combat exercises. We provide tactical gear and equipment at competitive prices around Australia including Sydney.

Common Mistakes People Make with Military Gloves

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure that your military gloves do not hinder your performance on the job.
  • The grip of the glove is not ideal for your intended use: The grip of the glove is the most important to consider when purchasing. You need to ensure that your gloves don’t restrict your ability to safely handle a firearm or access technology when on the job. You should still have the feeling of contact with your trigger and when in cold climates our gloves with a unique fingertip grip design are ideal.
  • Your hand movements are restricted with the gloves: Military gloves are designed to protect your hands and can feature padding around the knuckles. If the padding is too thick, your hand movements will be impeded as will wearing the wrong size gloves. Our Mechanix Wear Original tactical glove is an example of our stock that is designed to offer flexibility while still protecting your hands. This glove’s construction is from durable synthetic leather and stretch spandex, so when you wear the right size, the fit should feel natural.
  • You select the wrong material gloves: The material your gloves are made from is essential for your circumstances. While basic options offer you leather or bonded nylon blends, the best option is a combination of materials. For example, a leather exterior provides you with durability, contouring and waterproof features, yet you want to ensure that the interior layer is made from a breathable material such as wool.

The comfort, fit, and performance of your gloves are all essential as you will most likely be wearing them for extended periods.

What You Can Expect from Scorpion Projects Regarding Tactical Gloves for Sydney Customers

We provide quality army gear from various big brand names.
  • Our prices are competitive: We tailor our prices to suit our customers and ensure that you get quality gear for an affordable cost.
  • We have gloves from brands that have proven to be true: Our inventory of gloves consists of well-known brands such as Mechanix who have been designing and manufacturing hand protection for more than 20 years.
  • You can select from various styles of gloves: We have a selection of glove style and designs, so you are sure to find a pair that is suitable for your circumstances.
Our selection of gloves means you will find the ideal pair for your intended use.

About Scorpion Projects

Our staff are experienced military veterans who provide you with affordable high-quality gear. We source our equipment and protective clothing from all over the world and ensure that it has been extensively tested so we can stand by what we sell. Contact us today for competitively prices army supplies shipped to your Sydney or other Australian location.