Tactical Supply

Tactical Supply for the Public, Law Enforcement and Military

Australian veteran-owned and operated, Scorpion Projects offers tactical supply products and gear to Australia from our shop in Queensland, where only the best is good enough - we don’t settle for anything less. We were particular soldiers when we were in the field and are even more careful when supplying our customers with tactical gear in Australia.

Problems Scorpion Projects Addresses

If time and money are both in short supply, visit our online shop for a myriad of excellent deals on quality brands. The online shop lists the details and prices of all products and includes any information you need to know.

  • Brand variety: As we are adamant about supplying top quality at fair prices, we source our products from numerous suppliers, offering you a wide range of practical and durable items from which to choose.
  • Online shop: Not everyone has the time to visit our physical shop, so we have set up a user-friendly online shop for your convenience, with full access to all our specials.

Our dedicated team of veterans can assist you in deciding which items you require for your hobby or profession, be it hunting or the armed forces, the products from our tactical shop can enhance your performance and add a layer of protection. If you can’t find what you are looking for, drop us a line and we will source it for you.

The Importance of Tactical Products

Tactical is an ever-ready mindset, and those who wear and use tactical gear in Australia will attest to the benefits of Tactical Products for hunting, hobbies or professional use.
  • Clothing: Tactical clothing is designed to ensure you maintain peak performance, whether out hunting, fishing, training or on a high-stakes mission in the field.
  • Protection: The products for sale in our tactical shop offer protection from the elements as well as a shield against the various injuries one could incur during the performing of duties and outdoors activities.
  • Enhancement: Various items, such as flashlights, laser sights, folding knives or utility belts enhance your position in an adverse situation.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Choose Scorpion Projects

Offering competitive prices on exceptional quality products is our mission. Our team of veterans has in excess of a decade’s experience in military service as members of infantry battalions, enabling us to understand the importance of quality, durability and comfort. As a result of this, we hold products to a higher standard and consistently research the current trends and changes within the defence and law enforcement communities, keeping abreast of changing specs and requirements. These observations allow us to ensure our stock is always current, effective and well-priced.

Support Scorpion Projects, an Australian veteran-owned and operated company, for advice, quality products and exceptional service. Our free nationwide shipping when you spend $150 will have your products at your front door in no time.