Tasmanian Tiger Pouch

The Benefits of a Tasmanian Tiger Pouch

Whether you want to invest in cost-effective, military-grade gear for your battalion or your team of outdoor enthusiasts, you won’t regret purchasing a Tasmanian Tiger pouch. Tasmania Tiger enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the quality and design of its products. Learn more about our range of bags by reading below.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Tasmanian Tiger Backpack

You can feel confident that our bags are among the most durable on the market, almost guaranteeing to remain intact for years regardless of the conditions they face. However, the following pointers might help you extend the lifespan of your backpack:

  • Keep it dry whenever possible: We supply a broad range of waterproof packs that won’t sustain damage as a result of severe weather conditions. If you’d like to ensure water has no chance of destroying your bag or its contents, you might consider adding an extra layer of protection or storing it in your tent until the rain subsides.
  • Don’t use your backpack as a pillow: Because our products are manufactured from high-grade materials, it’s highly unlikely you’ll cause any damage by resting on it. Nevertheless, to minimise wear and tear, you might want to avoid using your bag as a cushion. Our products offer plenty of space to store fit-for-purpose pillows and sleeping packs.
  • Avoid placing your backpack close to the fire: Even the strongest of bags can catch fire if you make a careless mistake. Instead of drying out your pack by the flames, let the water evaporate naturally. If you need to use the fire, be careful to contain it so that you don’t destroy your bag accidentally.

Problems a Tasmanian Tiger Pack Addresses

Our top-quality products help you avoid the following issues:

  • Inadequate protection for your gear: When adventuring through the wilderness, you need to know your backpack will protect your sleeping bag, spare clothes and equipment from the elements and pests. Purchase a pack from us, and you can feel confident that only you decide what goes inside.
  • Inadequate space: We stock solutions from manufacturers that design their backpacks with your storage requirements in mind. Tasmanian Tiger enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the practicality of its products. Not only do they have lots of room for your gear, but they’re purpose-built for military hardware and equipment.
  • Subpar solutions: Not all backpacks are equal regarding quality. We highly recommend purchasing an army-grade pack if you plan on heading out into the bush or wilderness for several days or more. Fortunately, you needn’t look any further than Scorpion Projects for top-notch gear, and you’ll struggle to find more affordable prices elsewhere.

Use Scorpion Projects to Ensure You Have only the Best Equipment

In addition to sourcing the world’s highest quality products and making them available to you at unbeatable prices, we also raise awareness and funds to support our veterans. When you purchase solutions from us, you’ll know that you’re doing your part for our nation’s heroes. If you want to learn more about our charitable initiatives or vast product offering, don’t hesitate to call us.