Tasmanian Tiger Equipment Belt Set MKII

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Available with MOLLE sewed onto the outside.. Very solid outer belt and inner belt by the German brand Tasmanian Tiger. Two belts in one package!

The 43 mm wide outer belt has a Cobra buckle by AustriAlpin. The inside is covered with "hard" velcro, so it attaches to a fuzzy inner belt. Simple adjustment from the longest 120 cm setting down to manufacturer recommended 110 cm and practical minimum of 100 cm. Unlike with regular belts, you don't need to account for overlap: if your circumference at belt-height is 120 cm, you can use this belt.

The inner belt is 38 mm wide and can be worn separately as a trouser belt. It is completely non-metallic. Quick tightening and adjustment and a fuzzy velcro outer surface to attach the outer equipment belt.