Valhalla Bivvy Bag - Large

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As we say good bye to Auscam in the ADF. Valhalla has released their RANGER BIVI BAGS in the much sort after MULTICAM and COYOTE TAN.
The RANGER BIVI BAGS are great for when the hoochie simple won’t cut it, or when the tactical situation requires something a little less obvious. The waterproof membrane and seam sealing protects the user from the wind and rain and increases the users comfort in cold climates by limiting the body heat from escaping.

The RANGER BIVI BAG has a Military top opening to allow quick and quiet entry and exit with heavy duty zips and a built in mozzie net. It has numerous tie off points to keep the material off your face while you sleep and allow ease of movement. Or you can use BIVVI hoops with the hoop sleeves located across the shoulders and feet. There are also peg loops around the base to limit bag movement on uneven ground.

*Poles Not Included